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Why are horses unique to any other sport – and why should you choose horses for your child!

Children horse riding

Unlike humans, horses are non-verbal, providing self-reflective communication. You will directly see and learn the impact of your body language. Immediate change will provide responsive and special results with your horse experience. In the age of technology, social media and peer pressures, mental state of wellbeing in youth is of concern through lack of ability to communicate and less contact with animals to instil natural empathy.

20% of Australians over 16 suffer some form of mental illness in any year with 50% by age 18. Getting involved with horses is about empowering people with their health, feeling great, improving confidence and life skills. Apart from getting people outdoors, involved in practical skills and back to nature, horses like no other activity provide silent healing therapy based on an unbiased, unconditional, no judgement response to individual behaviour. This creates a positive impact on self-confidence, care & building effective communication to result in emotional stability with happier & healthier individuals.  All essential for successful engagement in school, study, employment & relationships.

Life essentials

Leadership evolves as you work with non-verbal communication to gain trust, respect and willingness to follow you Empathy develops as you listen and observe to understand the reactions that might take place Empowerment through taking control of the situation with effective body language and making decisions to ensure positive outcomes Stress release within a peaceful outdoors setting with no distractions to unwind, feel free and focus on yourself Practical knowledge to handle life situations working through the unknown, ropes & knots, equipment & safety Value of the equine industry: Research estimates *2007 Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, Dr Steve Atkinson. the contribution to the Australian economy is over $6.2 billion a year (horse veterinary, feed, supplies, training, events, breeding, racing, labour, transport, education, R&D, wagering)  *The Gordon report indicates the livestock industry around $7 billion per year. The horse industry therefore should be considered as having a very high level of economic importance within Australia. With professional roles in veterinary, R&D, disease control, agriculture, feed & gear supplies, mounted police, training, breeding, racing, stable work, transport, education and more.


Get your kids into riding horses.

Riding horses creates a positive impact on self-confidence, care & building effective communication for your children. Now’s the time to get started!


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