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The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Horse Riders and First Time Horse Owners. And How You Can Easily Avoid Them

Sadly, when it comes to becoming a skills and confident horse rider, too many beginner horse lovers make simple mistakes which cost them dearly. If you’re not careful, you could follow in their footsteps and end up falling well short of your goal.

It is worth taking these and other generally seen beginner horse riding mistakes seriously. It is difficult to qualify yourself for riding as nothing else in life mimics the essence of the experience.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a list of the 3 most common mistakes made by parents of horse crazy girls – as well as easy-to-follow tips on how to avoid them.


#1 Choosing the wrong coach and horse to learn with

Far and away the most common mistake parents of young horse crazy girls make is selecting the wrong experience for that ‘first ride’. We see it all too often – we’ve honestly lost count of how many people we’ve come across who have made this error.

Horse riding is one of the most challenging sports even though many non-horse riders consider it just sitting in the saddle and letting the horse do everything. Starting from the moment you sit in the saddle, you have a lot to do and consider about riding safely and accurately.

Making mistakes isn’t always a bad thing. It’s quite realistic to make mistakes while we learn unique skills, and usually, they send us onto more relevant paths. However, in horseback riding, there are blunders and then – there are Blunders.

The sort of Mistakes that end to generate more distress than growth. The reinventing-the-wheel ones that you don’t have to go through personally to adapt from. The Mistakes that you’d rather not go through – but unfortunately, many people do.

So your daughters friend has a horse and your friend let her ride her horse but the horse had never had a beginner on it’s back and took off, so then your daughter fell off, had a big scare and luckily wasn’t seriously hurt. Now your daughter has her dreams of becoming a horse rider shattered and is super fearful when starting again at your local riding school, so this is a huge setback and will take years to get over the fear to become a skilled and confident horse rider.

Parents of horse crazy children, just don’t know where to begin their horse riding journey, and find it very difficult to find a place to get started with horses to feel safe and confident with their choices!

Take the fear and unknown out of horse riding with a guided and supportive pathway to avoid financial headaches and dangerous mistakes with horses!


#2 Not getting educated with the right resources at the right time

Not getting the right knowledge at the right time when getting started is another common mistake, and is right up there with choosing the right coach and horse in terms of the amount of money and time it costs beginner horse lovers. It’s such an easy mistake to avoid, but it happens WAY more often than it should.

If you’re serious about becoming a skilled and confident horse rider, one of the first things you absolutely must do is to know the exact steps to take, to get the right knowledge at the right time through a step by step education pathway. 

Practically everyone knows that horses provide an amazing benefit in physical and mental health and it is definitely a romantic dream to have your own unicorn one day.

Many people have made bad choices and ended up seriously hurt, destroying their dreams of ever successfully riding a horse.  Or making a decision to buy a horse before they are ready and ending up with thousands of dollars sitting in the paddock going to waste and the life of horses one big money pit.

There are 3 key turning points in the horse riding journey and it’s absolutely vital to know about these powerful insider secrets through Debs free video series (How To Stop The Horse Hurt), with 3 short videos that will help you avoid very costly and dangerous mistakes with horses:

  • #1: Understanding horse safety and important things to know about horses before you even step in front of them or ride them.
  • #2: What to expect before you take riding lessons and during the journey of how to ride a horse.
  • #3: Life changing insights about horse ownership before even thinking about buying a horse.


#3 Buying a horse too early or buying the wrong horse

This mistake might not be as common as the first two we’ve outlined – but that doesn’t make it any less harmful. In fact, it could be the most costly out of the three – an error that could see you throw away thousands of dollars and hours of your time and leave you further away from achieving your goal than when you first started.

Time and time again I hear stories from parents where their child has lost their confidence from a bad fall from their horse, they have bought the wrong, very expensive $10K horse, and now they are stuck with it costing them money sitting in a paddock going to waste.

This is the fairytale dream to own a horse, but it is the most highly underrated milestone in your horse journey that should not be taken lightly at all.  

It blows me away with the amount of first horse mistakes people make, sending them into danger and an endless money pit of financial headaches. No one should even think of buying a horse until they have read the book “Ready For Your First Horse”.

Don’t go out and buy a horse until you have sufficient experience in horse care and horse riding. Understand horse safety, what can go wrong, and that horses involve hard work. Most importantly get guidance from a horse expert to select the right horse.

The risks associated with buying your first horse can greatly decrease with the support of Deb – your horse mum help when needed through your horse journey from beginning to end. 



At Horse Riding Hub Education, Deb is the expert at helping horse crazy kids achieve their horse riding dreams in the easiest and safest possible way. Over the past 17 years, she has helped 1500+ clients finally become a confident and competent horse rider without the painful and costly mistakes most people usually have to suffer through.

Deb has written a handy free eBook guide and a collection of Giddy Up Beginner Books to share some of the powerful industry secrets she has accumulated during her time in the equestrian industry. The information you’re about to hear will help you achieve fearless riding success while making sure you avoid very costly and painful mistakes.

By the time you’ve finished watching Deb’s 3 videos about How To Stop The Horse Hurt, in just 1 week, you’ll have all the information you need to kickstart your journey to success and achieve fearless horse riding success. 


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