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Selecting best horse riding gear for beginners

Horse Care Gears

“Horse riding gear starts you off on the right hoof.”

‘It’s simple to geek out on gear when you first commence horseback riding. There are several fun things to purchase! But if you’re fresh to riding, there are only a few items that are essential. From boots-helmets to breeches-vests. Items for your horse, we give the horse riding gear you’ll need to get started riding. Here we suggest the best horse riding gear for beginners.’

Getting started in horseback riding can be both thrilling and overwhelming. While it may be fascinating to grab everything that hooks your eye and start purchasing directly, you might find yourself with an empty bank account and a large list of items you still truly require. In this article, we tear down the must-have and nice-to-have horse gear for newcomers.


Before you get to the fun stuff, your preference should be picking essential equipment that you take with you every time you ride. We strongly suggest being fitted by an expert to make sure the gear you obtain fits correctly and makes you feel safe.

  • Helmet

For English riding, go ahead and purchase a nice helmet generally dark in colour. If you choose to compete and show later, reasonable helmet caps are a great choice for beginners or you can update to a dedicated show helmet. 

  • Best Riding Helmets for Beginners

A good helmet is a must-have for riders. Carrying a horse riding helmet is a crucial safety precaution that will preserve your head from injury in case of a fall. And not just any helmet will do. You are required to wear one specially created for horseback riding. Bike helmets and other sorts of helmets aren’t designed for the impact of a fall you may encounter on a horse. It’s necessary to make sure your helmet suits you properly and is protected. Though a well-fitted helmet won’t immediately impact your riding, a poorly-fitted helmet can! A helmet that’s too uncomfortable may be distracting, and one that’s too large can obscure your sight by slipping over your eyes.

There’s no regular sizing for horse helmets, so you need to measure your head and find the right one. Here are a couple of great recommendations for beginners:

  •  Dublin Silverline riding helmet

This helmet collects a lot for a cheap price. It looks magnificent and features microfibre suede outer. Stylish two tone designs. Quick release buckle. Lining that wicks away moisture. Approved to VG1 Standard. 

  • Tuffrider Starter Helmet

This iconic pony club helmet is a beginner’s all-purpose riding helmet with a few great features for the cost, including a Coolmax® sweat absorption lining, compact shape, light and tough with flow thru ventilation. AS/NZS 3838 certification.

  • Safety Vest
  • Body protectors are essential vests meant to help absorb the shock of a drop and preserve internal organs.
  • Air vests are innovative protection jackets that inflate via CO2 in the matter of a fall to proffer superior cushion and endurance beyond your neck and bottoms.

Equestrian protective riding vests are ready for riders who want added protection in the circumstance of a fall. They’re generally used by eventers and are now offered for recreational riders as well. Riding vests are produced specifically for horse riding and support to protect the spine, ribs, and inner organs. Here are some that we suggest:

  • Hit Air Airbag Safety Vest — Grown-up 

This is an award-winning security vest with a ten-year record and is the most-tested air vest on the business. It’s built for convenience, with innovative and trademarked technology to offer more stability. (Note that you should practice this vest over a bodyguard.)

  • USG Flexi Body security 

Designed for a precise fit ensuring convenience and flexibility, this safety vest is guaranteed with the highest level of security. It’s also dirt-repellant and colourfast, and it comes with an accommodation cover.

  • Swing Body Protector P19 Zipper Black/Grey 

Latest generation of professional body protector. The high-tech foam provides the rider with the best possible freedom of movement with maximum safety.

Individual size adjustment by means of 4 touch tape fasteners at waist and 2 on shoulders

Tested to BETA standard 3 and the currently valid European standard EN 13158-2018.

  • Boots
  • Be sure to purchase a pair of boots that are designed to be used for horseback riding with a small heel and to assure they provide the ankle durability you need and have the correct amount of friction for your stirrups.
  • For English riding, you can decide to purchase paddock boots and half chaps or full length boots. 
  • For Western riding, a pair of cowboy boots is the conventional option.
  • Pants
  • For English riding, a pair of breeches. (At most limited to one pair in a perfect beige colour.)
  • For Western riding, jeans that fit properly and boot leg are ideal. They should have some stretch and minimum seams to keep you protected.
  • Most backed Riding Breeches for Newcomers

Riding breeches are the pants worn when riding a horse, composed of light and snug fabric to support the rider’s actions to be felt by the horse. They’re created specifically for horseback riding to defend you from chafing. They also help in keeping you firm on the horse thanks to the exceptional gripping fabric located in important areas.

Breeches are also created to easily adjust your horse riding boot — a tall boot that goes to or somewhat above the knee. Breeches can be compared with jodhpurs, which are also riding pants but are meant to be worn with lower paddock boots. Jodhpurs are longer with a finished seam at the bottom designed to be worn outside over each boot. Breeches have a thin base designed to finish above the ankle to sit nicely into long boots. The choice between carrying either when riding for fun is a matter of personal choice. Here are our recommendations:

  • Noble Outfitters balance Riding Tights

Meet the optimum combination of equestrian apparel performance and fit in the Balance Riding Tight. Next level, innovative design and high-recovery stretch fabric that gives the most flattering fit you’ll find in a riding tight. Easy care, mid-rise with Toray ultrasuede® knee patches and secure stash pocket at front thigh. Light weight stretch hem reduces bulk inside your boot

Opti-Dry Technology wicks moisture away 76% Supplex® Nylon/24% Spandex

  • Saxon Child’s Pull On Jodhpurs

These pants are the ideal starter everyday riding jodhpurs for kids, with an easy pull-on styling and a modern low rise. Classic style with elastic waistband & belt loops. Affordable and durable. Made from 95% cotton, 5% elastane with self fabric knee patch.

  • Shirt
  • Any well-fitting cover that is weather relevant is a good option for riding with a collar and sleeves.
  • Riding Gloves
  • If you want to protect your hands & nails, or the reins may rub your hands, or you solely want a better grip, get a pair of riding gloves.
  • Essential Horse Tack

When you’re pondering about riding gear, don’t ignore your horse! Fundamental horse tack comprises a saddle and pad, bridle and bit, halter and lead, and basic grooming supplies. There’s no requirement to purchase everything — you can concentrate on quality basics that will help you as you learn what riding style and equestrian activity you enjoy greatest. While all of the gear can be amazing and fun to buy, as a freshman narrowing the list down to the essentials then obtaining budget-conscious (yet quality) things is an exceptional way to get started.

  • Riding: Tack

The sort of tack you obtain will be reliant on whether you ride English or Western, but the essential items of halter, bridle and saddle will continue to be the same. Tack needs to fit the horse correctly, so wait until you know your horse fits pony, cob or full sizing before buying these items, then work with an accomplished rider or teacher to find the ideal fit for your horse.

  • Grooming

Your horse should be prepared before and after every ride.

healthy and happy during your rides and also provides you with the chance to look over your horse for any sores, swelling, or issues that may need directing.

  • Curry Comb
  • Hard Brush
  • Soft Brush
  • Mane and Tail Brush
  • Hair wash and scraper
  • Hoof Pick
  • Clippers
  • Shedding Blade
  • Sponges and Cloths
  • Fly Spray

Summary: If you’re admiring what to wear to go horse riding you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this manageable guide to essential clothing and accessories to make sure you’ll be supported in the saddle – and learning the part, too. https://horseridinghub.store/pages/beginnersridergear


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