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Horse Feed & Nutrition

Manuka Haylage – 1st August 2017 
Reduce your feed costs with Haylage!. Manuka Farm supplies direct from the farmer, weed free, all natural, weather resistant products for your horse to thrive. Protein rich high quality feed especially for the small property owner relying on hard feed and lack of forage. 
WebsiteManuka Haylage, Chaff & Topline

Fiber Fresh
Fiber Fresh Chaff – 27th July 2017 
FiberProtect® is a moist, high energy, high nutritional fibre feed comprising of fresh cut lucerne and suitable as the base forage fibre for all horses. Aids in the healing and prevention of ulcers in horses. High in calcium, it also features good levels of quality digestible protein and the full range of amino acids which together are essential for many vital functions in the horse. 
WebsiteFiber Protect foundation feed for a healthy horse