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HRH Education Pathway – A Safer Horse Riding Journey

Horseriding Animation

The best start for beginners with the Member Riding Education Pack. Giddy Up Beginner Books step by step guide and Certificate development programs at each learning stage.

  • Must Read Guide for Parents of Horse Lovers
  • Horse Lovers First Book
  • How to Ride A Horse lessons for beginners
  • Are you Ready For Your First Horse?: Basics in horse care, riding and owning a horse
  • A competency based self paced development pathway for all ages
  • Introducation to horses and horse riding with colourful, fun activities for kids
  • Certificates and Ribbons for achievements at each level
  • Online International Horse College
  • Cert I, Cert II, Cert III , Cert IV and Diploma Courses
  • Intro to Horses, Horse Husbandry for Stablehand work, Rural Operations Agriculture, Horse Business Professional, Horse Riding Instructor

Get your kids into riding horses.

Riding horses creates a positive impact on self-confidence, care & building effective communication for your children. Now’s the time to get started!


How To Get Started With Horse Riding

The must-read guide for parents of horse lovers and all ages!

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