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How to ride a horse checklist for beginners


By expert horsewoman Debbie Burgermeister, international Author of Giddy Up Beginner Books.


The very basics you need to know:

    • The Basics You Need to Know About Horses
    • Riding Lessons for Beginners Workbook to guide you along your horseriding pathway with step by step modules when learning to ride
    • With a bonus development guide for parents.

    • An experts guide to preparing you when looking for that beginners horse 4 sale.
    • Essential cheat sheet summaries to the very basics in Horse Care, Riding and Owning a Horse

    • Farm life resilience, responsibility and the freedom of horses
    • Growing up in rural South Australia and New South Wales
    • Skills to handle life challenges through school, work and family life
    • The Magic of horses to enjoy life, make amazing friendships and have wonderful memories


Most importantly, get assistance from an experienced horse person/coach

1. Handle Horses

  • Have Horse Sense: understand horse body language to approach and manage your horse 
  • Know Horse Body Parts and Saddlery parts
  • Prepare your horse properly to ensure a good ride
  • Choose an appropriate horse for the chosen activity
  • Horse is cared for properly so feed type and quantity is suitable for the horse and rider

2. Equipment

  • Have the right equipment to catch with a halter and lead, tie with the correct knot and control the horse for a happy and successful relationship between horse and rider 
  • Grooming and First Aid gear required
  • Safe and good fitting saddle cloth, saddle and bridle
  • Protective riding gear such as helmet, boots, long pants and when starting maybe a safety vest
  • For beginner riding gear check out the essentials here: https://horseridergear.com.au/

3. Horse Safety

  • Handle your horse safely and confidently from the ground up
  • Choose the best environment for horse and rider to have a positive experience 
  • Checking the girth and adjusting stirrups
  • Getting on and off carefully
  • Being able to hold the reins correctly
  • Good control, knowing how to move, turn and stop
  • How to handle things if something goes wrong

4. Horse Riding Skills

  • Ground and Riding exercises to improve strength and balance required for riding
  • Receive guidance from a highly experienced horse person
  • Be prepared to learn how to communicate with a horse for a good ride
  • Patience and practice is very important as you generally blame yourself but not your horse for the riding experience 
  • Straight line, movements and circles with body language, voice commands, hand and leg signals (aids) 
  • Learn to change pace and transition between walk, sit trot, rise trot, canter and gallop 
  • Understand and ride with correct trot and canter diagonals
  • Learn different equine disciplines and experience an endless learning pathway

5. Get Educated

  • Check out our Educatoin Pack
  • Read books
  • Watch video
  • Watch specialised Horse TV channels
  • Development programs and courses for all ages and levels throughout your horse journey

6. Owning A Horse

  • Have the knowledge of different horse ages and breeds before even thinking about owning a horse
  • Know how to care for a horse (paddocks, stables, feeding, managing behaviours, health issues that can occur, first aid kit) 
  • Understand good horsemanship and how to train a horse to keep a well behaved horse on the ground and that is enjoyable to ride.
  • A horse that is suitable and trained for your equine discipline

7. Horse and Life Skills from a student

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