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Adult Riding Confidence and Achievement

From Tanya 13 Aug 2019

I have been coming to have lessons with Debbie for the past two years,  I have always loved horses but my parents couldn’t afford one growing up so I made do by riding friends horses or going on the occasional trail ride (basic trails with walk and a little trot). I stumbled across bonogin valley horse retreat online so emailed to get a lesson. I was so excited and nervous! Debbie was great I had a private lesson where she looked at my capabilities (which where actually non existent) and I was hooked from that moment. Coming for weekly lessons. 

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A Thankyou Letter From my Student/Helper/Employee

Thankyou Deb and Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat

Feb 2017 – By Amelia Callaghan

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the last few years, not only as a customer but as an employee. 

Being part of your work family has been the most amazing experience for me. I always looked forward to the weekend because it meant I got to come to one of my favourite places. The stables have become my second home, and the people (and animals) in it, my second family.

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Why are horses unique to any other sport – and why should you choose horses for your child!

Unlike humans, horses are non-verbal, providing self-reflective communication. You will directly see and learn the impact of your body language. Immediate change will provide responsive and special results with your horse experience. 
In the age of technology, social media and peer pressures, mental state of wellbeing in youth is of concern through lack of ability to communicate and less contact with animals to instil natural empathy.

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Life Challenges and Horses To Save The Day: deep into the life of Deborah Burgermeister

Growing up

I grew up as the average farm girl on cattle and sheep property of around 2000acres developing mental and physical toughness and learning how to fend for ourselve’s. Helping out with farmwork, mustering, working and training horses and spending most weekends at a horse competition or camping away at polocrosse with my family of mum, dad and 2 brothers.  Pretty protected from the troubles of town life, parties etc as we lived an hour out of town with a 14km dirt driveway from the main road and my first car a 1969 Torana that would shake at 80km. Having a big brother helped also on the school bus which was pretty rough.

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Deb’s advice to handle life

Deb’s typical day; getting up at 5.30am for her own peaceful workout to start the day, working her horse for polocrosse, home to rush around with breakfast, shower, get kids dressed and off to school, work work work, pick up the kids, activities, feed the animals, feed the family, bath kids, read to the kids, bed, breathe and wonder where the day went, fall asleep with book in hand – sound familiar?

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