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Horse Girl Prophecy: Just call me a horse girl

Horse Girl Prophecy

Just call me a horse-crazy girl

Always out looking for a thrill

They call me a horse-crazy girl

Always riding, never sitting still.


Can I ride the way you do, Mum?

Will I ever ride as well as Tom?

So fast over the grass in the wild?

Even though I’m just a child?


The rein in my hand is my anchor

The wind in my hair is a feeling like no other

The field is my kingdom and the saddle is my throne

With my horse and my friends I’ll never be alone.


I always watched my mother ride

Her best friend riding by her side

And longed to ride as she does

How abundantly joyful she becomes.


Time stands still when you are riding

New friendships begin with laughter abiding

Freedom and relaxation take over your soul

You and your horses on blissful patrol.

A riding school gives me the skills

But tis the riding that gives me the thrills

My instructor is the voice of caution

Watching over a girl on a horse in motion.  


Walk to trot to canter to gallop we go

Mom and instructor enjoy the show

I’m now a skilled riding girl on a horse

Oh, it’s been great running this course.


Thank you Mum! Thank you coach!

You’ve taught me to ride beyond reproach!

Now the wild I must explore on my own

In the fields and wild – there’s no better home!



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