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Reduce the risks of getting hurt with horses!

A Beginner Education Pathway.

We provide the best start to horse riding as the beginner education specialist.
An easier and safer horse journey, for kids that love horses with our comprehensive learning resources and easy-to-read beginner books. We help kids turn into horse riders.

The Essential Guide before you Ride

Step 1
Download our Getting Started Book
How to get started horse riding book

Our FREE ‘Getting Started Book’ is the perfect way to understand how to get started horse riding. Teaching the fundamentals of horses, and explaining the journey to becoming a safe and competent rider, this free resource is a must-read for parents of aspiring young horse riders who would like to know exactly what you should expect to learn with horse riding lessons. 

Step 2
Learn more
with our
Beginner Books
Education Bundle square

Home Education to help you with each important step of your horse journey. For the best start to horse riding, our series of books, resources & tips provide kids with a fun way to learn the basics of horses, riding & important things to know before buying a first horse.

We help kids grow in confidence with a step by step education pathway.

or the Education Bundle for HUGE value with member site resources!

Step 3
How to get Started with a Riding School
Go riding

It’s time to get out there and experience the joy of riding a horse in person! We can help you find a quality horse riding centre that will give your child a safe and enjoyable first horse riding experience. With over 200 centres on our books, we know the places to go!

About the Author

Debbie’s journey into the world of riding was inspired by her parents who have given her a wonderful childhood growing up with horses and farm life. This early enthusiasm grew into a lifelong passion which has seen Debbie become a highly experienced horsewoman, competitor, trainer, qualified coach, performer in the breathtaking 2000 Olympics opening ceremony, established horse riding school owner since 2006 and author of Giddy Up Beginner Books. 40 years later she continues to help create the future of sensible, knowledgable, competent horse riders.

Debbie Burgermeister
Head Coach & Founder

Debbie and Magic Cuddles

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The most trusted Beginner Horse Education


We are focused on safety

Our safety conscious approach for beginner horse lovers builds confidence and ensures a safer start to their horse riding journey.


Over 40+ years of experience

Deb is highly respected and certified in the industry and is a qualified Equestrian Australia coach and CertIV Trainer & Assessor.


Our books are fun to read

Designed to teach the fundamentals of horse care, our books are colourful and extremely fun to read for kids of all ages.


You can get started for FREE

Download our FREE Starter Book directly from this website and start your childs journey for free right away. What are you waiting for!


We’re passionate about horses

Deb has an intense passion for horses, and is dedicated to using her knowledge and experience to connect with people and the community.


A clear path to becoming a skilled rider

Unlike other resources, Horse RIding Hub is a complete Beginner Education Path to becoming a safe and competent rider.

Life of a horse child

What does the experience look like?

Getting your kids started with horse riding can be daunting. This site is aimed to equip every child and adult with an equine essentials kit to commence on a wonderful journey with horses and learn valuable life skills, confidence, care and communication.

or buy our books now and dive right in!

3 Horse riding books

Our books are the
perfect gift for children

Packed with information about horses and fun to read, our series of books are the perfect gift for the horse-crazy child!

What our community has to say

Get your kids into riding horses.

Riding horses creates a positive impact on self-confidence, care & building effective communication for your children. Now’s the time to get started!


How To Get Started With Horse Riding

The must-read guide for parents of horse lovers and all ages!

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