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Giddy Up Kids

MY CHILD LOVES HORSES - WHERE DO I START? ....sound familiar to anyone? We will help you grow in knowledge and confidence with horses in a safe environment

From no idea  to this

Start your horse journey with Giddy Up Kids horse intro classes from 6yrs and private lesson options from 3yrs . Also Horse Play Days in the school holidays for 7+yrs. Children are introduced to the fundamentals of horse care and handling and horse riding balance. A fantastic way to start your horse experience with a low cost, slow paced class. So much to learn and work towards achievements in skills such as Safety, Communication, Catch, Tie Lead, Grooming, Mount & Dismount, Horse Parts, Saddlery, Rugging, Hoof Care, Bandaging, Feeding, Balanced Rider, Leg Aids and Rein Control.

Self paced learning with READY SET TROT - a great reward program

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