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Fiber Fresh Chaff

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FiberProtect® is a moist, high energy, high nutritional fibre feed comprising of fresh cut lucerne and suitable as the base forage fibre for all horses.  Aids in the healing and prevention of ulcers in horses. High in calcium, it also features good levels of quality digestible protein and the full range of amino acids which together are essential for many vital functions in the horse.We recommend FiberProtect® when higher levels of digestible protein, essential amino acids and increased muscle development for better top-line condition is required.

FiberProtect® is scientifically proven to aid in the treatment and or prevention of gastric ulceration.  It is best on its own or with grain/cereal based concentrate feeds to counter the effects that high starch and soluble carbohydrates have on gastric health.

Aids in the healing and prevention of ulcers in horses

  • Fresh cut lucerne with Xanotyde®
  • High in digestible energy for maximum performance
  • Superior highly digestible protein to help maintain muscle and top-line
  • A moist, high nutritional fibre feed suitable for all horses

POA based on your area

From $25 this product is superior to look at reducing your feed bill, replace current chaff or hay and increase horse health.

Contact the local area rep and mention your have been referred by Debbie at Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat on the Gold Coast

WebsiteFiber Protect foundation feed for a healthy horse


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