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Yes, horse are supplied by most riding schools or sometimes you can bring your own for lessons. Horses are great for confidence building and there are a range of horse types and sizes for all levels.

Lessons are conducted from 3-5yrs up with a good mix of kids and adults of any age. Many group lessons are minimum age 8yrs.

Maximum is around 90-95kg for the welfare of the horses.

Coaching is generally based in a fenced area such as a roundyard or sand arena from 40x20m size.

Long pants, a collared shirt in the sun riding, no midriff tops or loose jewellery. Closed in shoes (riding boots with a heel) is very important for riders, and all visitors at the stables also. Helmets are also essential and most riding schools supply these, but it is recommended to have your own good fitting helmet.

Focus is on coaching how to connect with your horse and use proper hand and leg techniques to develop your riding and performance of your horse. Very achievement focused on student progression ensuring constant learning at all times.

Lessons may include 5-10min for preparation and put away time. Part of the time can be requested to learn horse care handling/grooming/saddle/bridle. Important if wanting to own a horse one day. Competent regulars are encouraged to assist with pre and post ground work to establish better relationships with your horse.

Most riding schools supply the horses or sometimes you can bring your own.

  • Private lessons are ideal for beginners to learn the basics needed when one on one assistance is needed, or shared up to 2 people is recommended for quality and speed of learning.
  • Group lessons are good when you have achieved a good rise trot with control of your horse so that you can progress in the group environment.
  • Experienced? You can sit & rise trot, ride arena patterns, canter slow and fast and achieve transitions between all paces. Lesson focus options would be on advanced learning to be able to ride various horses and get them to perform with flexing, leg yielding, side pass, dressage test movements, western skills such as riding one handed, handling slow and fast work, turns on front and back legs and focus on various equine disciplines
  • Horse Care and Handling groundwork lessons are fantastic to understand horses and feel confident and in control around horses. To establish a relationship with horses, understand their behaviours and be able to prepare your own horse for riding.

Weather can be very different at the riding centre compared to suburban areas. Most of the time you will get a call to cancel/reschedule on the day with as much notice as possible if required, otherwise your lesson should be considered as still going ahead. Most riding schools with outdoor arena’s will generally not conduct lessons in heavy pouring rain and definitely not when there is lightening around.

Most riding centres are closed Sundays but all are location specific

Groups/classes are usually from $25-$60pp/hr with full days in school holidays from $100-$200pp.

Riding lesson development options vary between $40-$180 depending on whether you are riding on your own or sharing with others. Joining our Members Hub and paying in advance can provide discounts on lessons.

Some facilities will accept cash on last minute bookings such as pony ride or trail riding products, otherwise most riding lessons are direct deposit, credit card, bartercard or paypal.

We have some wonderful students that have earned their place at the stables to be a representative of the business and become part of a horse family, home away from home with the horses.

To become a helper you need to be minimum 11yrs and it really is more about your confidence, capability and size to handle the bigger horses. Skills that you need to be competent in are catching a horse, tieing up with a slip knot, grooming, saddle up and put a bridle on. The ability to be firm with the horses and confidence to manage various behaviours.

You will need to be friendly, polite and respectful of others as well as being the face of the business working in a quiet environment in harmony with others. The helping is not just to come and play with horses but learning the responsibilities of horses and farm life.  There is a list of duties to be done from cleaning stables to cleaning the kitchen, sweeping, weeding and organising horses for lessons.

Please download the “Getting Started Book” as it has a wonderful helper and worker that explains a horse family and business very well and really touches the heart.

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