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Fiber Fresh Chaff

27th July 2017
By Horse Riding Hub

FiberProtect® is a moist, high energy, high nutritional fibre feed comprising of fresh cut lucerne and suitable as the base forage fibre for all horses.  Aids in the healing and prevention of ulcers in horses. High in calcium, it also features good levels of quality digestible protein and the full range of amino acids which together are essential for many vital functions in the horse.We recommend FiberProtect® when higher levels of digestible protein, essential amino acids and increased muscle development for better top-line condition is required.

FiberProtect® is scientifically proven to aid in the treatment and or prevention of gastric ulceration.  It is best on its own or with grain/cereal based concentrate feeds to counter the effects that high starch and soluble carbohydrates have on gastric health.

Aids in the healing and prevention of ulcers in horses

  • Fresh cut lucerne with Xanotyde®
  • High in digestible energy for maximum performance
  • Superior highly digestible protein to help maintain muscle and top-line
  • A moist, high nutritional fibre feed suitable for all horses

POA based on your area

From $25 this product is superior to look at reducing your feed bill, replace current chaff or hay and increase horse health.

Contact the local area rep and mention your have been referred by Debbie at Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat on the Gold Coast

WebsiteFiber Protect foundation feed for a healthy horse

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Manuka Haylage

1st August 2017
By Your Social Club

Reduce your feed costs with Haylage!. Manuka Farm supplies direct from the farmer, weed free, all natural, weather resistant products for your horse to thrive. Protein rich high quality feed especially for the small property owner relying on hard feed and lack of forage. Manuka Farm is located at the very head of the rich black soils of the Liverpool Plains near Quirindi in NSW. The heavy black soils of the area are renowned for their quality and as a source of all the nutrients needed to produce crops and pastures of high density. These crops and pastures are an excellent source of raw materials for our animal feeds and garden mulches. The bulk of Manuka’s raw materials are sourced from the area and made to our strict standards and guidelines.

A variety of products for multiple purposes. Quality Manuka Chaff and Manuka Haylage products for horses, Manuka Hay for cows and Go-Worm Blue Ribbon Lucerne Garden Mulch to boost your gardens.


Through Horse Riding Hub just Contact us and put your order in for around $24 per 20kg bag:

  • Manuka Haylage® is a premium lucerne forage conserved as a small brick silage for horses. It’s high in protein and nutrients, contains no dust, is low in sugar and horses love the taste. A Haylage bag is worth about 2 bails of hay that can cost you up to $36
  • Condensed bags of chaff oaten, wheaten & lucerne (don’t pay over $30 for bags of chaff) Manuka Topline (great for weight issues) Lucerne Pellets, a natural protein and energy supplement for your horse.
  • Manuka Topline provides the nutrients and support needed to help build your horse’s body muscle.

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Equine Acupuncture

31st August 2017
By Robert Kirsch

Rob Kirsch specialises in treating animals with results, using acupuncture and shiatsu massage. From $80 per horse depending on location and numbers.   Based in NSW but can travel for groups around Australia.Robert Kirsch – Equine Acupuncture and Animal Therapy

Specialising in treating animals using acupuncture and shiatsu massage.

Experience in treating horses, cattle and pets. Using a range of traditional and contemporary treatments, Rob has an uncanny success rate of restoring injured animals to health and performance horses to optimal fitness.

Locations cover most of NSW based around the Tamworth region.

$100 per treatment unless you are a regular or an organised group POA

Telephone: 02 6786 1549 (primary number as no mobile service at residence)
Mobile: 0429851528

The amazing success of his work has produced many thankful clients. Many of whom have provided testimonials below. Rob has a solid reputation for reliability and results. He travels the Australian East Coast providing his equine acupuncture services.

Rob provides day and week horse acupuncture packages to agist, care and treat horses.


My horse had spasmodic lameness with some swelling around the coronet band. She was inspected by a vet and x-rayed without anything showing up. The vet said he couldn’t find any reason for her problem and had no answers. I approached Rob and he treated Jessica for 2 weeks every other day. The lameness went out and she was able to resume normal work.

Trudy Bates

Rob has treated our show horses with great success. We had a pony that was not able to be ridden due to a problem like Chronic Fatigue. Rob took him home and treated him for 3 weeks noticing a great improvement. We have been able to show him again at major shows and he is performing at the top level.

Diane Newbury

I approached Rob about checking my 21 year old gelding who was lame after working hard. Rob treated him and the lameness went, enabling me to work him the next day.

Paul Carter

My horse went lame on the Saturday at Polocrosse and I asked Rob to have a look at my mare. Rob gave her a treatment and I was able to play my mare without a problem the following day.

Les Parker

I approached Rob at Albury Polocrosse Nationals 2004, as my son Simon’s horse (a 17 year old gelding) was out of sorts, not performing his normal self. A chiropractor had inspected the horse before we travelled to Albury and couldn’t find anything wrong with him.

Rob checked him over finding some muscle soreness and treated these points as well as giving him a chi flush clearing all meridians, This made a notable difference to Simon’s horse. He treated him again in 2 days, and gave him a pick up treatment before playing the final. Simon went on to be awarded the best no. 2 and best under 21 man player at the Nationals, as well as their team taking out the under 21 open title.

Robert George

John Greenwood asked me to check his son Josh’s horse at the Albury Polocrosse Nationals as he was not right. I found muscle soreness and gave him treatment for this as well as a chi flush to clear and boost all meridians, Josh worked him finding him much improved. I then treated the horse again in 2 days. Josh went on to be part of the winning under 21 open side as well as taking out the best no. 3 in the grade.

John Greenwood

My horse tied-up badly at the Polocrosse Masters, Rob offered to treat the horse and being a sceptic about acupuncture I said OK. I went on to play the horse the next day, which I would not have been able to without the treatment.

Peter Cutler

Just a quick note to let you know how Leo (big horse with stringhalt) is getting on. He is feeling much better and was running around the paddocks a couple of Thursdays ago (the day after the last time you saw him) and he was even kicking out at Cooper which he has not been able to do before! Along with the massage therapy you have shown me.

I am very pleased with the outcome and I think Leo is too! As I said before, I have not seen him have a spasm since you came out last, he looks much more relaxed and his eye is a lot softer. Thank you for all of your help and concern about Leo – his condition has improved immensely from your help, he is in a lot less pain and enjoys life more!

Thanks again,.

Amber Hedgcock (March 2006)

Does anyone need an acupuncturist out to see their horse? Leo’s acupuncturist lives in Tamworth and I am trying to persuade him to come up to do a session on Leo. He has magic hands – he first saw Leo as a crippled horse who could hardly move (this is not exaggerating) and after 2 sessions with Rob, he was like a mad horse running around like a 2 year old using acupuncture and bowen therapy alone – no pain killers!

I had the vet out to Leo first and I feel that he misdiagnosed him as the treatment (bute for the rest of his life – up to 3 sachets a day) didn’t work so I looked for alternate treatment. Leo is now on no pain killers at all and with acupuncture every 2-3 months, he can strut his stuff around the paddock and is not lame or showing any soreness at all.
Anyway, to get Rob to come up again, I need to make it worth his while and get a few appointments lined up for him. Last time Rob was not available I called another acupuncturist (his invoice for the service was approx $240 – but he did have a couple of injections) and others are not taking on any new clients (it is hard for existing clients to get in anyway!) there are not many other alternatives. Rob charges $80 for a treatment and is well worth it!

Amber Hedgcock (June 2006)

I was selected to be part of the 2000 Olympic opening ceremony of which was a spectacular musical ride of 120 horses. My horse had always been a Polocrosse horse without troop drill or flag experience and was also quite a flighty horse. He would jig jog at a walk and wasn’t accustomed to clapping or waving flags in the wind

Rob began treating my horse 20min before each night practice and our major performance, with a calming acupuncture point. My horse was a totally new horse and I even had to tell Rob that I didn’t need it a few nights because the previous night he was too quiet and lazy. I have since ridden this horse again in the Stockmen’s Ride at Newcastle and Sydney shows without a problem.


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Horse Gifts

28th February 2018
By Debbie Burgermeister

Find all the horse gifts you need for horse girls who has just discovered their horse fascination, equestrians or simply horse lovers. You can choose between horse themed jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, buckle belts or home decoration. You will also find something for your horse! Just take a look, we’re sure you will find perfect horse gift. Satisfaction guaranteed 🙂 Find all the horse gifts you need for horse girls who has just discovered their horse fascination, equestrians or simply horse lovers. You can choose between horse themed jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, buckle belts or home decoration. You will also find something for your horse! Just take a look, we’re sure you will find perfect horse gift. Satisfaction guaranteed 🙂

Website: Click Here To Visit Their Website

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Horse Riding Hub Education

Is this you?…”I have a horse crazy child and just need to know where to start”

HORSE RIDING PATHWAY with Giddy Up Beginners home education program for a safer horse journey for beginner horse lovers


Finally, the Horse Riding Pathway that parents have been asking for…

What if the large amount of information you need to start is in a summarised education pathway so you can understand the steps to help you have a safer horse journey.

Discover the secret to learn horse riding faster and safer. It doesn’t have to be hard if you follow the steps to get started with horses safely and confidently from someone with experience!

Don’t jeopardise your child’s safety in a high risk sport by not getting the knowledge you need. Understand the basics before even stepping in front of a horse!

Seeing the smile of a child riding a pony on their own for the first time and hugging a horse….PRICELESS! How do you make this possible?


Debbie Burgermeister Horse Riding Hub

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5 Different Horse Riding Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Are you looking to become a stronger horse rider?

Horse riding brings a range of health benefits.

But just as with a lot of other things in life, riding a horse is not as easy as it may look. 

There are plenty of newcomer mistakes that will not only make you stand out as a novice, but may also keep you from being able to handle your horse and ride safely. 

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