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The best start to learn about horses and horse riding with our Education Bundle!

For beginners starting out with learning about horses, how to ride a horse step by step, building confidence or important knowledge before owning a horse. Valuable education resources and books that can help you get started easier and safer with a guided learning path.

With guidance from a highly experienced horsewoman (over 45yrs), representing state level competition, 2000 Olympics opening ceremony performer, qualified coach, established horse riding school since 2006, and international author – Debbie Burgermeister.
Learn more about Deb, the beginner education specialist!

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Education bundle
Pre-Riding Home Education to help you at each important turning point of your horse riding journey

Join our community to access all the resources you need for your child’s horse journey, including:


Must Read GUIDE

For Parents of Horse Lovers. The starting point for you to immediately download. What to expect to learn with your horse riding journey and a bonus development pathway guide. Plus a pre-riding safety certificate.


Giddy Up Beginner BOOKS

Education made simple. Hardcopy books from the collection mailed direct to you. Written to be easily read by children with large font and full colour pictures.


Members Site RESOURCES

Fun learning quizzes, step by step guides and ongoing support along your journey. Including over 15 one pager cheat sheet summaries to help you easily understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and owning a horse. Education right through to Industry Recognised Courses.


Training VIDEO Support

Top 10 tips to help reduce the risks of getting hurt. Over 25 Horse Basics videos including “How to catch a horse”, “Riding Preparation”, “Riding Core basics & Skills Development”! PLUS free customised training topics on request for members only.


Horse gear and gifts ONLINE STORE

Store Voucher to put towards your own helmet or boots, plus store shopping reward bucks for gear and gifts. Bonus Horse Riding Hub Cap to get you started included with your education bundle.


Educatin FUN PACK

Write down notes , draw pictures and create memories with this fun pack in a nice denim bag with horse hair drawstring tassles. Horsey Notepad/Sketchbook 10x15cm with bonus bookmark, neem pencil and light pen with stylus. Plus Horse Girl Sticker.

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What is the secret to becoming a great horse rider?

Set yourself up for success with resources to help you learn how to start riding a horse safely and confidently.

Beginners and Confidence Building step by step! 

Start with Giddy Up Beginner Books Home Education. Join a community of Horse Lovers!

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Where are you now? | Where do you want to be? | How are you going to get there?

The top beginner horse riding education path for a safer horse journey

For young horse lover enthusiasts across the world; providing the very basics needed to start in education that covers the 3 most important stages of a beginner horse journey. With you every step of your horse journey through Giddy Up Beginner Books Learning Resources

Book 1

The Need To Know Basics

Book 2

Step by step Reference Workbook

Book 3

Important Checklist Summaries

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Then dip your toe in the water with one of the Giddy Up Beginner Books including the very basics you need to get started with horses.

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Riding horses creates a positive impact on self-confidence, care & building effective communication for your children. Now’s the time to get started!