Horse Riding Hub Essential Starter Program

Avoid the pain, tears, tantrums and broken dreams of not having the knowledge and experience you need to make your first horse experience everything you and your child had imagined. 

Avoid first horse mistakes and reduce the risks of getting hurt with horses with a beginner education pathway, learning what you need in the right order.  For kids that love horses with comprehensive learning resources and easy-to-read beginner books.

Set yourself up for success with purchase of the Essential Starter Program to help you establish an easier, safer and more enjoyable experience for horse and rider.

With guidance from a highly experienced horsewoman (over 45yrs), representing state level competition, 2000 Olympics opening ceremony performer, qualified coach, established horse riding school since 2006, and international author – Debbie Burgermeister.  Deb provides the best start to horse riding as the beginner education specialist.

The Top Beginner Horse Riding Education Path
For an easier, safer and more enjoyable horse journey for horse and rider.

best horseback riding books

Read the How To Get Started Essential Guide Before You Ride

  The Must Read Guide for Parents of Horse Lovers.

  The starting point for you to immediately read.

  A checklist of what to expect to learn with your horse riding journey.

  Also receive Top Tips to set you up for success.

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The Pre-riding safety certificate Quiz

Before stepping in front of a real horse, like putting your seatbelt on in a motor vehicle, this will equip you with the essentials to know and stay safe.

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Receive the Education Pathway Pocket Guide

To track your learning development goals and achievements along the way. 

This is the parents perfect reference guide and something for every student to work towards with your coach and have discussions about what’s next.

Self assess your riding level with confidence.

best equestrian books

Read the Giddy Up Beginner Books

They will step you through the milestones of your horse journey with: Need to Know Basics About Horses, How to Ride a Horse Workbook and The Essentials you Need to Know Before Buying Your First Horse

Horse Riding Education made simple. 

Hardcopy books from the collection mailed direct to you. Written to be easily read by children with large font and full colour pictures.

best equestrian books

Test your knowledge for each book with a Quiz on what you have learnt.

From the online horse riding school site you will have access to some great tools, further knowledge resources and ongoing support from Deb.

Online Horse Riding School GUIDANCE & RESOURCES

Ongoing support from Deb along your journey. Including over 15 One Pager Cheat Sheet summaries to help you easily understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and owning a horse. 

Watch “how to” videos, over 25 horse basics videos including “How to Catch a Horse”, “Riding Preparation”, “Riding Core basics & Skills”. 

  • Request a custom video
  • Send in your riding video for feedback
  • If you are thinking of buying a horse send in a copy of the advert and video footage. Let me help you save hours of horse searching


All you have to do is ask!

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Access Deb's knowledge with LIVE CALLS

Learning online, reading a book or from a guide has its place, but there will be times you need to “phone a friend” and get the exact help you need when you need it.

This is exactly why Horse Riding Hub offers weekly LIVE calls in the Essential Starter Program for you to learn, get your questions answered and connect with horsey friends.

Spend your online store voucher

On essential horse riding gear you need.

When going to ride at a riding school or someone else’s horse, start safer with your own gear. A good fitting helmet is a great starting point or a pair of horse riding boots.

Horse gear shopping is every horse lovers dream.

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Best horse riding books

Receive a goodies bag fun pack

Loaded with gifts. Write down notes, draw pictures and create memories with this fun pack in a nice denim bag with horsehair drawstring tassels. 

Horsey Notepad/Sketchbook with bonus bookmark, neem pencil and light pen with stylus. 

Plus Horse Girl Sticker. And a cap to spend the day at the stables.

Explore the online store for great horse gifts

Enjoy searching for great horse gifts for horse lovers of all ages.

A personalised Horse Book for a Young Horse Lover, riding gear, horse gear, jewellery, shirts and more. 

It doesn’t end once you can ride, The Stay in the Saddle Book is a great resource to read and watch Video with Exercises for Horse and Rider so you can practice in a fun and interesting way, learn new things and ride with confidence.

Pony Club

Follow the further education path

For more learning achievements with recognised certificates through the Australian Pony Club Academy and Industry recognised Cert II and Cert III courses for a future career with horses.

All The Resources You Need to Start
Your Child's Horse Journey

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How To Get Started Essential Guide Before You Ride eBook

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Giddy Up Beginner Books collection


Access Deb's knowledge with LIVE calls


Pre-riding safety certificate Quiz

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Quizzes to test your knowledge

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Online store voucher

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Education Pathway Pocket Guide


Online Horse Riding School Resources

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Goodies bag fun pack


Online store for great horse gifts


Further education path

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Includes: About the learning resources, The Essential Guide Before You Ride, Pathway Pocket Guide and Top 10 Tips

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Save over $400 in a year with 29% discount paid upfront. PLUS LIFETIME ACCESS which gives you peace of mind for your entire horse journey. 

Have the support of a very experienced horse woman at your fingertips. This could help you avoid very costly mistakes.

Not quite ready to dive into the
full education pack?

Then dip your toe in the water with one of the Giddy Up Beginner Books including the very basics you need to get started with horses.

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