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Don’t be a horse dummy – the horse lovers guide to giddy up

Deb and Horse demo


GG Talks – Horse Riding Lessons for Beginners book

Written from over 35 years of horsemanship knowledge and over 10 years teaching kids with clear development goals for kids and parents. 
An interactive learning book written to be read by children with large font and full colour pictures.


Horse riding lessons for beginners

Encouraging learning safely, starting out with the core fundamentals to support the future of sensible, confident, and capable horse handlers and riders.

Development of confidence, care and communication is the blessing Deb wishes you for a happy and healthy life.


Get your kids into riding horses.

Riding horses creates a positive impact on self-confidence, care & building effective communication for your children. Now’s the time to get started!


How To Get Started With Horse Riding

The must-read guide for parents of horse lovers and all ages!

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