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Don’t be a dummy on a trail ride

Dont be a dummy on a trail ride 2

Don’t just be a dummy on a horse playing follow the leader …..come and have a HORSE EXPERIENCE at Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat! …..completely personalised and customised, up close and interactive with horses in a fun safe environment.

Great value as you have the place all to yourself for your group. Including a coffee to start the day and lunch included for full day. A unique horse riding Hinterland country experience to feel the enjoyment and freedom of horses in a scenic and peaceful location only 30min from the heart of the Gold Coast. 

We will have you trotting away with confidence and an experience like no other on the coast. 

Check it out at: https://horseridinghub.com/riding-schools/



Get your kids into riding horses.

Riding horses creates a positive impact on self-confidence, care & building effective communication for your children. Now’s the time to get started!


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