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Adult Riding Confidence and Achievement

Tanya Deb review confidence achievement

From Tanya – 

I have been coming to have lessons with Debbie for the past two years,  I have always loved horses but my parents couldn’t afford one growing up so I made do by riding friends horses or going on the occasional trail ride (basic trails with walk and a little trot). I stumbled across bonogin valley horse retreat online so emailed to get a lesson. I was so excited and nervous! Debbie was great I had a private lesson where she looked at my capabilities (which where actually non existent) and I was hooked from that moment. Coming for weekly lessons. 

After around 8 weeks I lost all my confidence and turned into a complete wreck, but Debbie never gave up on me. She always encouraged me either softly when I needed and understanding approach, telling me that that particular fear was justified  or with a firm no nonsense approach when I really was just being a goose!!  

Slowly I stopped wearing my safety vest when riding, and not turning into a mess when a horse would do something not unicorn like haha

With Debbies ever president support not only my confidence but also my skills improved in strides! So much so in fact that recently I won a first placed ribbon in my rider class and completed a show jumping round at two separate local gymkannas as a senior rider! Something I never thought possible even 6 months ago! 

I will be forever grateful for all the love and guidance from such an exceptional coach and now very lucky to call my friend


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