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6 Simple Tips For Beginners To Help You Achieve Fearless Horse Riding Success

6 Simple Tips For Beginners To Help You Achieve Fearless Horse Riding Success

Some days, becoming a skilled and confident horse rider might seem like a faraway dream. But, if you implement the right strategies, you can get there far sooner than you think. Deb has outlined 6 simple tips you can use from a wealth of experience to help you how to get started on your horse riding journey straight away and achieve fearless riding success. 


#1 Get educated with the right resources at the right time

If you’re serious about becoming a skilled and confident horse rider, one of the first things you absolutely must do is to know the exact steps to take, to get the right knowledge at the right time through a step by step education pathway. 

Practically everyone knows that horses provide an amazing benefit in physical and mental health and it is definitely a romantic dream to have your own unicorn one day.

Many people have made bad choices and ended up seriously hurt, destroying their dreams of ever successfully riding a horse.  Or making a decision to buy a horse before they are ready and ending up with thousands of dollars sitting in the paddock going to waste and the life of horses one big money pit.

There are 3 key turning points in the horse riding journey and it’s absolutely vital to know about these powerful insider secrets through Debs free video series (How To Stop The Horse Hurt), with 3 short videos that will help you avoid very costly and dangerous mistakes with horses:

  • #1: Understanding horse safety and important things to know about horses before you even step in front of them or ride them.
  • #2: What to expect before you take riding lessons and during the journey of how to ride a horse.
  • #3: Life changing insights about horse ownership before even thinking about buying a horse.


#2 Learn horse sense and all about horses

As well as getting the right knowledge at the right time, you also need to learn all about horse care and develop good horse sense from the ground up if you’re ever going to become a skilled and confident horse rider. This strategy is really powerful because it can help you achieve fearless riding success in a MUCH easier and safer way.

Understand how horses communicate, horse body parts and how to handle horses. The Horse Lovers First Book can provide you an easy to read, colourful and fun book with essential basics you need before going riding.

Learning as much as possible before going riding will help reduce the risk of your horse crazy child getting hurt and destroying their dreams of riding a pony.  It breaks my heart to see kids getting hurt with horses because they are not set up the right way with the right coach or the right horse. Nearly everyone knows someone or has had their own experience being injured from a horse.  

Time and time again I hear stories from parents where their child has lost their confidence from a bad fall from an inexperienced horse, or worse they have bought the wrong, very expensive $10K horse, and now they are stuck with it costing them money sitting in a paddock going to waste.

Parents of horse crazy children, just don’t know where to begin their horse riding journey, and find it very difficult to find a place to get started with horses to feel safe and confident with their choices!

Take the fear and unknown out of horse riding with a guided and supportive pathway to avoid financial headaches and dangerous mistakes with horses!


#3 Correct gear and equipment

Too few beginner horse riders do this when it comes to achieving the dream of becoming a skilled and confident horse rider. Sadly, the consequences can be disastrous and prevent them from ever reaching their goals.

Simply invest in a pair of riding boots and a comfortable, good fitting helmet. These 2 items can save your life and a helmet is provided by most riding schools but having your own, especially boots can certainly increase comfort to achieve a skill better and your confidence.


#4 Horse Riding Skills

Learning How To Ride A Horse is the most complex and lengthy development phase for beginners and having strategies you can use to achieve fearless riding success is going to be something you will not regret. You can’t become a highly skilled and confident horse rider without a plan and clear development goals. 

The How To Ride A Horse is a great workbook and reference guide when learning with a coach that includes a detailed development pathway checklist.

Those that succeed as skilled and confident horse riders have key repeating qualities:

  • a huge love for horses from a young age and will do anything to be around them
  • not afraid of hard work and getting dirty including anything that comes with horses such picking up manure.
  • extremely determined to achieve a new skill
  • will rise to the challenge of riding different horses

Seeing the smile of a child riding a pony on their own for the first time and hugging a horse….Priceless!



#5 An experienced horse trainer/coach and horse

A lot of people don’t think enough about this one – which is crazy because I think it’s an absolute MUST-HAVE when it comes to achieving fearless riding success,

If you don’t have the luxury of an experienced horse parent/mentor then find a professional horse coach and most of all an educated horse that can handle beginners. Sometimes your horse friend down the road is not the best choice if their horse is not patient and experienced with beginners on their back. This could end badly.

Your horse and coach should help you conquer the fear and learn how to manage horses safely. When you are learning as a beginner, it’s a classic case of you don’t know what you don’t know!. If you find yourself walking and trotting for a year on the same horse, maybe the horse or the coach is not right for you. So, understand your development goals and your coach should also challenge you to progress, so that you can manage different types of horses and experience different riding styles.


#6 Getting ready for your first horse

This is the fairytale dream to own a horse, but it is the most highly underrated milestone in your horse journey that should not be taken lightly at all.  

It blows me away with the amount of first horse mistakes people make, sending them into danger and an endless money pit of financial headaches. No one should even think of buying a horse until they have read the book “Ready For Your First Horse”.

Don’t go out and buy a horse until you have sufficient experience in horse care and horse riding. Understand horse safety, what can go wrong, and that horses involve hard work. Most importantly get guidance from a horse expert to select the right horse.



At Horse Riding Hub Education, Deb is the expert at helping horse crazy kids achieve their horse riding dreams in the easiest and safest possible way. Over the past 17 years, she has helped 1500+ clients finally become a confident and competent horse rider without the painful and costly mistakes most people usually have to suffer through.

Deb has written a handy free eBook guide and a collection of Giddy Up Beginner Books to share some of the powerful industry secrets she has accumulated during her time in the equestrian industry. The information you’re about to hear will help you achieve fearless riding success while making sure you avoid very costly and painful mistakes.

By the time you’ve finished watching Deb’s 3 videos about How To Stop The Horse Hurt, in just 1 week, you’ll have all the information you need to kickstart your journey to success and achieve fearless horse riding success. 


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