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10 Things You Can Buy as a Gift for a Horse Lover

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With the Christmas season approaching, you may already be pondering on the best possible gift you can buy your loved ones or friends. We always want our gift to be appreciated and to have an impact on the person we are gifting. It is therefore important to give gifts that the recipient is passionate about. Please keep reading to find out the ten best gifts for horse lovers you can ever buy for a friend, family member or relative who loves horses this Christmas!

  1. Book them training or riding sessions with a riding school!

What better horse lover gift can you offer to a person who may not be trained yet or who may not have easy access to a horse than to present them with a fully-paid riding school session receipt? It is like a gift that keeps on giving with every lesson or session. They will be grateful long after Christmas.

  1.  Horse-themed collectibles and jewellery

These include badges, jewellery, keyholders, comics, etcetera. These unique horse gifts are not only cute but also show them that you care. Unlike some clothing gifts that may be worn out in a year or two, they may possess these gifts for many years to come. If you want to buy a gift they are likely to place on the mantelpiece or on the bedside table – or even wear proudly around their wrist or neck now and then – cute collectibles or jewellery is the way to go.

  1. An annual subscription to a magazine or website

This is yet another wonderful Christmas present that lasts long after Christmas. They will keep receiving copies of magazines or website emails with great offers and information all through the following year! Definitely one of the best horse lover gifts you can give to someone.

  1. A horse-shop gift voucher
Gift voucher

Perhaps you can let them make their own choice by gifting them a horse merchandise store voucher. That way, they will be able to choose their own gift. Sometimes people feel like a voucher will not feel like a real gift to the recipient, but that is not the case. They will remember the shopping experience that you facilitated and what came of it.

  1. Personalized gifts for horse lovers
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A cap, a scarf, a T-shirt or any other gift with their name or initials on it is a great way to make the person you are gifting feel special. It is a good idea to understand the person before you go shopping for a personalized gift. What are their preferences? Are they very fashion-conscious? How does the item match with their riding gear? What is the most appropriate personalized gift for a child or which are the most fitting personalized horse lover girl gifts? When you decide to buy a personalized gift, just remember that the more you understand the person, the more you are able to buy them a personal and fitting gift that resonates with them. Nothing says “I know, I understand and I care” like a personalized gift.

  1. Horse books

There’s something special about a book. A colourful book about horses is one of the best horse gifts for kids. There are horse books for adults as well. The good thing about books is that they are not only entertaining but informative – in the “fun while you learn” tradition.

  1. Horse riding clothing
Horse riding kit for beginners

This is always a good idea. You should always keep in mind the recipient of your gift. A girl who loves horses may require fashionable and fitting presents according to her preferences. A child’s clothing is different. There are many items to choose from when you are shopping through horse merchandise. These include jodhpurs, breeches, polo shirts, kids’ caps, caps for adults, ladies’ stretch jeans, gloves, jackets, women’s show packages, riding shirts, riding footwear, etcetera. 

  1. A horse journal

A beautiful horse journal to record their adventures and encounters is a great idea. You can make it more personal by buying a journal made for riders and not just a plain journal. You can go a step further and have their name emblazoned on it. 

  1. A horse grooming set

A grooming set is one of the best Christmas horse lover gifts you can ever buy for any horse lover. After all, you are treating not only the horse lover but the horse itself!  

  1. Event-specific gifts

If the person you are buying a gift for enjoys horse games, horse racing, horse shows or horse-related pastimes then there are plenty of items and equipment to choose from. For one, many horse games, including polo, require some equipment. If the person you are gifting loves horse shows or pony club competitions or racing, you can select a gift that is related to that experience. Kids who love horses can also play horse video games even if they may not be able to play most of the outdoor horse-themed games. 

The Ultimate Horse Girl Gift Pack items

There are hundreds of possible gifts for horse lovers that you can find in online stores or in shops, but a gift bought with the recipient in mind is likely to be more person-specific than just any gift you find. Perhaps they will appreciate that unique gift that resonates with them better than receiving five caps or five pairs of riding jeans from five different people. Nevertheless, buying a horse-related gift for your horse-loving friend or family member is a great way to show them that you care and that you understand them. I know that when I loved books madly no other kind of gift really seemed to matter. Perhaps the best gift you can ever give to a lover of horses is a gift that says “horse a gift for you” and not “here’s a gift for you.”You don’t have to scratch your head and wonder what in the world you can buy for your horse-crazy friend this Christmas. A personalized or appropriate and thoughtful horse-some gift is an awe-some gift!


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